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Alicia Coppola nude celebrity Alicia Coppola — who played IRS agent-turned-blushing bride Mimi on the CBS drama — will appear on the fourth episode of Criminal Minds‘ upcoming 10th season, TVLine has learned exclusively. Coppola will play Lisa Randall, the head of a Morgellons …

Alicia Coppola celeb nude Alicia Coppola is one of those rare talents who brings an extra sizzle to every character she inhabits. In “Jericho,” she was the all-business yet ferociously feminine IRS agent Mimi Clark who served as the counterpoint to born-in-a-barn Stanley …

Alicia Coppola naked celebrity pictures Alicia Coppola has been cast in the final season of Sons of Anarchy. The Jericho actress will guest star as pre-school principal Mildred Treal. Jax and Wendy’s son Abel will be attending her school, reports TVLine.

Alicia Coppola celebrity nude Coppola, repped by APA and manager Leslie Allan-Rice, plays Alison, Jake’s mother and the wife of the conservative, emotionally withdrawn Frank, whom she fears. A steady diet of antidepressants help block out her crumbling marriage and keeps her sane.