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Louane Emera nude She went from starring on the French TV sensation The Voice, to starring in a hit French movie that opens in Quebec today. The CBC’s Peter Black spoke with Louane Emera about her rise to stardom in her first English interview.

Louane Emera free nude celeb pics “La Famille Bélier” (“The Bélier Family”), starring Louane Emera, semi-finalist on the second season of “The Voice” in France. The event concludes with Xavier Beauvois’ comedy about two criminals planning to steal Charlie Chaplin’s …

Louane Emera nude The beauty of the otherwise formulaic “La Famille Belier” is the way this affable crowdpleaser manages to twist its overplayed setup: Teenage Paula (played by Louane Emera, a semifinalist in France’s “The Voice” competish) discovers that she has …

Louane Emera celebs nude The real reason it clicked with audiences on the other side of the Atlantic – and why it will almost certainly win over moviegoers in la belle province – is because 18-year-old first-time actress Louane Emera is just so absolutely adorable and perfect …