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turning into a bitchy person in USA

I've started this topic because this is the only topic that haven't been discussed by anyone in any group, whereas this theme is the most popular theme in Russian male society after getting legalized and becoming self-sufficient individual.
my complains are mostly about the women, Russian immigrants, who in short period of time being here are becoming something i haven't seen in them before.they just getting this look, which can tell you that the car u brought along isn't exactly what she is looking for. moreover she estimates every move u are doing and this feature is telling her something and u quiet understand that this something is probably your con. if u got lucky to get the second date with Russian woman, u have to be prepared to the inevitability, which contains the question about your salary. she also can hide that question and ask you instead how many hours per week you made, which is always not good enough for her.
so if you a male been or being in this situation, know that you re not alone.
if you a female searching the web for the next victim, tell me wtf is it you need from our brother russian , ukranian, bellorussian immigrant when you go to a date with him????????


  • lolz get some chink midget hookers instead

  • this is probably better. also there is more attraction goes from Spanish even Afro-Americans than from Russians. I just don't understand the goals they are pursuing (Russians I mean). being here like several years, mostly illegally, rejecting anyone whose trying to approach. telling the stories of how she gonna be successful in several years. wtf. give me a break.

  • well in russia girls are the best =)

  • Dude when i studied in College in NYC, Russian girls didn't behave like that.
    Dude chill out, don't make decisions when you mad ))

    Spanish and African-American women are good too, all women are good and bad in some ways…

  • for any russian female its kind of a dream- to get an american prince in bentley ( or even ford) but an American! dreams tend to be unreal and imagination will show something unreal too!- They will mess social status and nationality, its simple!
    but come on! not all of them like that! try to search in a different place- maybe clubs and uni`s arent the best places for finding a real nice lady- remember- colleges are costly and most likely their mom-dads paid for it, and so poor creatures are just trying to find some two legged wallet that is able to entertain them))))
    places ive been to ( east cost)( well, not talking `bout NY) girls are nice there, most of them came to earn n go back home and they are mostly around russian-speakers)))

  • Мария mashenka Даневич

    What about Cadillac STS 2005 ? )))

  • not sure, but i think it`ll do too ))))
    u think u would wanna try to hit on one of those….ladies?

  • Igor, what is the point of posting the same topic in different groups? You are a spammer.

  • Give him a break, he needz some pussay!

  • Мария mashenka Даневич

    I don't want to try, I have Cadillac STS 2005, and I usually don't divide women on Russian and not Russian, I just speak to people who are interesting to me, doesn't matter what nationality and race they are. And I'm not interested in materialistic women.

  • Ruslan [Robert] Kuramshin
    oh, come on! i was just kiding!!!!
    and yeah, since now i am aware of what kind of person you are,i understad you better and respect you) and congrats on your ride- cadillac is CADILLAC, thats a nice piece of metal)))))

    seriously, guys are usually saying » i m not interested in materialistic women» but tell me why the hell guys would go buy all the fancy cars, tend to look fit and always try to show off?! after all, you are doing it all for us, in the name of us and only cause of us )))) same way girls sayin » i dont want a man who would only look at my boobs» but gimmy a break! go read a book for to be able to seduce with ur intellect, dont waste money on stupid implants ))) am i not right?

    and let me state my point about the subject of the topic once again:
    USA, in the imagination of most people of this world means wealth. like USA=WEALTH))))) for every woman its right about normal to want to have a wealthy man by her. here, in Russia ( i live in Moscow), guys mainly live with parents till their dying day( my bestiest`s father is over 50 but still seing his mothers death in his dreams as that would mean he will become a man of property), they drink every day, and they dont have any savings( i wont cotinue, u know where i m heading)… so, every girl raised in this environment has a perfect image of AMERICA- own house, handsome husband, lotta money…
    coming to the states they are trying to find this dream in THEM, in Americans and yeah, the girl would become rude( bitchy)cause she realizes she is not the only one came here in the search of her Prince, and yeah she reject any unappropriate candidate, cause she would think thats he(russian) might be a burden on the way to her succeess..
    thats when we are talking about ladies obsessed with wealth.
    normal women will always remain norman.

  • This was my car before:

    I i bought it when i was 16, and it wasn't fancy at all. If i see for instance homeless girl and I will really like her I will marry her )) Doesn't matter what, usually when I'm in company with Russian students I never tell girls (who are Work and Travel Students and others) that I have a citizenship, that I have a good joB and i finished good university in NYC. It may be hard to believe but i'm not materialistic at all )) Even when I tell all the above I mentioned, I don't consider myself to be materialistic )

  • i believe you. but you are rather an exception to the rules )))

  • I luv gurls who dig skinny jeans and fat wallets

  • go celibate, thats way better

  • i see, people start flirting with each other here. that a good thing. maybe this measly Blog ll help someone to find the right one.


    my grandpa always told me that i have to find the right one, marry her, and never ever leave her, even if something terrible happen. the right ones, as he considered, r the girls from russian KOLXO3, the hardworking ones, having a good position, adn at least Masters degree. and this picture is perpetuated in my head forever, although i know this is hard to imagine the KOLXO3 and girls with MAsters degree working in it in modern world.


    I've never seen the Russian immigrants (it's female half rather) working hard. they would rather expecting something more(hoping their boobs will help) from life. and this is not a bad thing at all (cause the world is moving in such direction now) except the ones I've always met were always with corrupted mind. not all of them, as i said above 99%.

    I gotta stop nagging and do as much work as i can.

  • unmaterialistic (If there is such a word??) people, you talking about saint ones. never heard of them. but good to see that dreams about real love aren't faded away.

  • to #10
    no i'm not. I just got three days off in a row. first time in , maybe, three or two in a half years. so i didnt know what to do. found interesting groups, read the comments, and decided to start a career of a professional blogger. didn' go to well. people started hesitating about my normality.

  • Igor Akhmatov

    You need to open your eyes wider brother, Russian Women in America are very hard working (If you are not looking them on Brighton Beach) and most of them are kind also, and don't know maybe it's fake))

  • yeah, maybe i'm pushing a bit too hard on Russian women. sorry guys. i just was trying to keep this topic in the way it was before. i didn't want to hurt anybody s feelings. I've been on Brighton beach twice BTW. ponravilos.
    and that word brother u used ( it was supposed to be something else???)
    I just want my KOLXO3 girl, from old russian movies that my grandpa so colorfully drew in my mind.

  • Then u better keep in mind that a real kolxo3 girl wouldn't even bother to look ur way- normal kolho3 girls never even knew wut a USA is)))))) n really, girls are hard working there- anyhow they have to pay bills…. Not like here

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